A week is a long time in blogging. . .

And two weeks is an eternity. So I thought it long overdue to churn out some thoughts on events of the last couple of weeks. In no particular order:

  • George Galloway. Yes, he was entertaining at the Senate hearing, and I’m sure they’ve never come across anything like him before in their prosaic environment. But the man is still an odious little turd. Let’s not forget, either, that he might have come away looking like the victor, but he ducked some big questions that day. Not to be trusted. (The entire transcript of that hearing can be read here. Quite interesting.)

  • Liverpool winning the European Cup. A great match, and anyone who comes back from 3-0 down to beat AC Milan in the final should be allowed to defend their cup next season. But they’re definitely not the best team in Europe, whatever it says on paper. Over the course of 38 games last season, they weren’t even the best team in Liverpool. Still, give them Man United’s place and we’ll say no more about it.

  • Speaking of which, Malcolm Glazer’s protracted take over of Manche$ter United has been highly entertaining theatre and no mistake. Amusing to see these infuriated Man U fans spitting blood about somebody buying “their” club, seemingly oblivious to the fact that it has been a public company since 1991 so has not been “their” club for some time now. The flotation served them well in the 1990s as they became the richest club on the planet – weren’t complaining then, were they? So you can’t really be surprised when fat corporate scum like Glazer come over from the US with plans to make the company even bigger and richer. OK, he might fail and bankrupt the club if it doesn’t work out. But it’s not all good news. He might make them even more wealthy and successful than they’ve been already – look at his track record, not notable for his failures, is he? Now shut up with your whinging. Man Utd aren’t a football team, they’re a brand name with a football team tacked on the side. Zero sympathy.

  • Looks like the French are going to return a resounding “Non” over the European Constitution, which might just derail the whole “European Dream”. Good. I’ve got issues enough with British democracy as it is without passing powers over to an even more undemocratic and distant bureaucracy. Call me old fashioned, but I like my governments small, efficient and transparent. Enormous, anonymous and based in Brussels? Non, non, non. Let’s keep the EU for what it was intended: an environment for economic cooperation and a free market. Ironic, seeing as France was a chief architect of the old Common Market, and their biggest objection to the European Constitution is that it will hurt their long-established protectionist economy. Fuck France and fuck a United Europe too. There, that’s me out of the Eurosceptic closet.

  • Another bullshit ruling today on use of cannabis for pain relief. Bottom line: if smoking a naturally occurring substance acts as an efficient method of relieving excruciating pain without any toxic side effects, then it should be allowed. Moreover, if anybody wants to consume a naturally occurring substance for whatever reason, be it recreational or medicinal, it’s nobody else’s business. The arguments for its continued illegality are flimsy and the money and time spent enforcing the law could be better applied elsewhere. Full stop.

  • The proliferation of teenage mums. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, we won’t get anywhere until we sterilise the working class.

  • That last one was a joke, by the way.

  • Bank Holiday Weekends. How I wish we had more of them. Hurray for the three day break, and just look at this weather. See you next Tuesday.

Centrist. Atlanticist. Dry liberal. Anti-totalitarian. Post-ideological pragmatist. Child of The Enlightenment. Toucan.

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8 comments on “A week is a long time in blogging. . .
  1. Andrew says:

    On cannabis; there’s emerging evidence that for some people smoking it may not be a good idea. As the New Scientist article has it:

    “last year van Os and his team brought out further results. They followed a group of nearly 2500 14 to 24-year-olds living in and around Munich, Germany, over four years. After correcting for all the confounders they could think of, they found that, overall, smoking cannabis as an adolescent moderately raised the risk of developing signs of psychosis later on, from 16 per cent to 25 per cent. But when they focused on individuals who were known to be susceptible to psychosis – those who were showing signs of disturbed thought processes by age 11 – they found a much stronger link. Susceptible individuals who avoided cannabis had a 25 per cent chance of developing psychosis. Susceptible individuals who smoked it had a 50 per cent risk. And the more cannabis they smoked, and the earlier they smoked it, the worse the outcome.”

  2. Citizen Sane says:

    I totally agree. It’s a potentially dangerous substance and people should use it at their own risk, like alcohol, cigarettes or Sky TV. And it goes without saying that it shouldn’t be available to minors. But ultimately it’s a matter of personal choice. As adults we weigh up the risks of all the individual dangers that face us on a daily basis and we make our choices accordingly. Whether it’s crossing the road, getting in a car, going to the pub or smoking a joint: they can all cause us harm or even kill us in the long run, but that’s just life isn’t it? My point is that it is nonsense to make criminals of people who smoke the stuff, and a waste of police and judicial time in upholding this nonsense law.

  3. ph says:

    A liberal Euro-sceptic how can that be? Maybe the liberalism is just a front and underneath you are a xenophobic, racist, homophobic, little-Englander, because that is what Euro sceptics really are, isn’t it?

  4. ph says:

    The great socialist and writer H. G. Wells was very concerned about the over fecundity of the working classes.

  5. Citizen Sane says:

    “A liberal Euro-sceptic how can that be?”

    Simple. What do liberals value most?
    Small government (that’s Europe out then)
    Direct democracy (that’s Europe out then)
    A free economy (that’s Europe out then)

    Which part don’t you understand? I may be a liberal, but I’m not a Liberal fucking Democrat.

    As for the charge of Euro-sceptics being racist, homophobic (eh?), little-Englanders, etc, you will not find that opinion expressed anywhere on this blog (certainly not by me, anyway). So. Your point is?

  6. ph says:

    From the list of liberal tenets you give are you sure that you are not a Tory.
    So why are the Lib Dems liberals? To me the Lib Dems seem all over the place in what they believe, suppose that is one of the advantages of being liberal.

    Euro-sceptic charge. Point is that as a long term Euro-sceptic I was fed up with the Liberal Elite of the British media, telling me that I held these views on Europe because I was a racist, xenophobic little Englander who practiced homophobia, misogny and cruelty to small children on the side. Being a Euro-sceptic puts you beyond the Pale (Pail) of polite society.
    Your irony detector is faulty, maybe you are an American – (damn theres my inherent racism coming out again)

  7. Citizen Sane says:

    Because like any word, its meaning has become diluted over time. You are right, classical liberalism has more in common with modern Conservatism than it does with the current Lib Dems. Conversely, One Nation Conservatism has more in common with the Lib Dems than it does with modern Conservatism. It’s the classical version of Liberalism that I’m aligning myself to, not the modern interpretation. John Stuart Mill, not John Kerry.

    My irony detector is as sharp as ever – it’s just that your charges are misdirected: you won’t see those accusations here. In any case, our Liberal Elite monicker is, itself, ironic. There IS no Liberal Elite. There is a genuine power base on this planet, but they ain’t fucking liberals I assure you.

  8. ph says:

    Not sure I can put my finger on the powerbase. There are several contenders some of which may be liberals – I am just not sure.

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