Pop Stars Against Starvation

So, Live 8 tomorrow then. I’m not going, nor would I want to. Standing in Hyde Park watching a load of acts, most of which I have no regard for whatsoever? No thanks. To compound matters, the whole event is going to be an alcohol free zone too. Wahey! Let the festivities commence! To those “lucky” enough to have won tickets in the text lottery: you are very, very welcome to them. Enjoy!

That said, I obviously support the aims. I don’t like the whole back-slapping, self-congratulatory aspect of it all and the concept of rich musicians proselytising about the starving is a tad ridiculous. The idea of Sting, for example, encouraging us to dig deep makes me physically ill. (Come to think of it, the idea of Sting full stop makes me feel a bit nauseous.) We’re talking here about a man so rich that, when his accountant swindled him of six million pounds, he didn’t notice for a couple of years. But that aside, I think anything that raises awareness can’t be considered a bad thing.

Personally, I think the battle to reform the EU budget and the scrapping of the Common Agricultural Policy is of greater significance to helping Africa in the long-term and we should be supporting that, but I suppose more people prefer Dido to complex trade subsidy arguments (not me though – I don’t think there’s anything in the world more dull than Dido’s music: blander than a cardboard sandwich).

But I’m not totally cynical. I think Bob Geldof believes passionately in the cause, does excellent work and deserves full credit. He gets a lot of undeserved flack, which is unfair because his intentions are without question honourable. There’s a rather sceptical piece on the BBC website today written by David Stubbs, reviews editor of Wire magazine, explaining why he won’t be watching the event. Fair enough, and he makes some good arguments, but one point in particular about Geldof struck me as rather absurd:

But inevitably, given (Geldof’s) profession, he is addicted to the spotlight and despite his reputation as a plain and profane speaker, rather too chummy towards the powerful over the years – be it Prince Charles, the Pope, Mother Teresa, Tony Blair or George Bush.

Well what are you suggesting? That he should try to turnaround attitudes to Africa WITHOUT the assistance of the most powerful people in the world??!! Ridiculous. He’s just playing the political game because that is what you have to do.

So yes, full credit to Sir Bob say I. Whether or not Live 8 is the best way to tackle problems on the scale of Africa’s is obviously contentious, but nobody can deny that he has done more than any other individual to highlight the plight of many people in that troubled continent. Who knows, I may even watch some of it tomorrow. From the comfort of my sofa. With a beer.

But obviously not when Sting or Dido are playing.


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16 comments on “Pop Stars Against Starvation
  1. Laura says:

    I hear they didn’t even bother inviting Mozza. They felt that all those images of dying orphans would be depressing enough

  2. Anonymous says:

    Bono, Stipe et al are just as wealthy (if not more so) than Sting. Why criticise him so much? I happen to think he’s made some fantastic music, and done more to raise awreness of stuff like environmental issues than a lot of other self-publicising arses out there (yes, he did a Jaguar ad – so what).

    Give him a break.

  3. Titwitch says:

    Dear Anonymous, Sting is shite – end of. And as for me Citizen Sane, I too shall be watching from the comfort of my sofa. With a bear.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sting has been an embarrassing irrelevance since 1986. End of. That’s why any form of commercial success has eluded him (bar duets with ‘hip’ people). The man is a maggot. An annoying, yoga pimping man-shit.

  5. Laura says:

    And anyone who actually CHOOSES to call himself “Sting” in the first place doesn’t deserve to be breathing the same air as any of us.

    Same goes for Bono, that Irish twat with a Jesus complex and a naff fucking stetson.

  6. Citizen Sane says:

    Are you suggesting that Sting was somehow relevant even BEFORE 1986? That’s very generous of you.

    And for the record, Sting doing an ad for Jaguar is like Morrissey doing an ad for McDonalds. The difference being that Mozza would rather die. Sting, on the other hand, is a shitbag.

  7. Anonymous says:

    MOR warblings. Hideous, hideous muzak.

  8. Anonymous says:

    “Sting is a shitbag” – what wank. Fields of gold, Desert Rose, Englishman in New York, Shape of my heart, I could go on – MOR they may be – are great songs.

    Sting did not call himself that in the first place – it was his nickname because of a jumper he wore. He also wrote 99% of The Police’s stuff – though I suppose that’s MOR muzak too?

    And finally, any form of commerical success has eluded him?! What???!!! Disagree with me fine, but don’t be lazy – he has sold bucketloads of albums on his own – his last album was his most successful in the US. And if ‘hip’ people as you call them, choose to duet with him, perhaps they can find something in the man’s music that you don’t, despite probably fawning over every Morrissey (talk about being not as good solo!) album since 1988, despite some of the various tripe he has sometimes sung over the years since then.

  9. Laura says:

    My 65 year old mum loves Sting

    nuff said!

  10. Laura says:

    AND… she listens to it when she’s doing her knitting

  11. Len Ponder says:

    Spare a thought for those poor sods in Philadelphia then: Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Maroon 5….

    And where are the goddamn Quo this time? And Paul Young.

  12. Jack the blogger says:

    Live 8 is all over blogsville but the powers that be will no doubt ignore it. BTW why do so many people dislike Dido? Eminem sampled her on the Marshall Mathers LP so she can’t be all bad.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I think so many people dislike Dido because she sounds like an injured canary stuck up a chimney.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I dislike Dido because she is a middle of the road cunt.

  15. Anonymous says:

    MOR = crap?


  16. ph says:

    It is suprising that when a school palyground type argument gets going (who is my favorite singer) you get 15 comments.
    This leads me to the conclusion that most people who read your blog are somewhat mentally limited. I mean “I dislike Dido because she is a middle of the road ****” – pathetic

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