The Grapple In The Big Apple

Hitchens versus Galloway went ahead and, by all accounts, didn’t disappoint. The whole thing can be streamed in video here. It’s just under two hours long, so I haven’t had time to watch it all yet, but the hour or so I did see was gripping stuff. Hitchens was characteristically authoritative and articulate; Galloway was his usual grandiloquent self. Honestly George, can’t you deliver any speech without shouting? Those Oswald Mosley comparisons just seem more and more appropriate. Nice tan though. No doubt picked up from your recent bottom-kissing jaunt around the Middle East.

Still, it was an education. I hadn’t realised I was living in an “international rogue state”. Can you work out who the other one is, according to GG’s retarded line of argument? First person to guess correctly wins a fish.


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5 comments on “The Grapple In The Big Apple
  1. ph says:

    Oona King in the Guardian seemed to think the G.G.G. came out looking OK.
    Personally the thought of watching Galloway for 2 hours turns the stomach so I will not be watching the video – although I bet it is entertaining

  2. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps Oona was just trying to be gracious – as she always has done, despite the vicious racist bile spewed out against her by Galloway during the election.

    The man is entertaining. And intelligent. And admirable, in a way. He is also a complete cunt.

  3. Citizen Sane says:

    GG is a very skilful orator/manipulator of a crowd. Especially when a large chunk of said crowd sympathise with him anyway (misguided fools that they are). He’s good at debating because he just SHOUTS EVERYTHING FROM THE PIT OF HIS STOMACH BECAUSE THAT SHOWS JUST HOW PASSIONATELY HE FEELS ABOUT EVERYTHING.

    Bombastic twat.

    But I thought Oona King made an excellent point: his whole chest beating tour is called Mr Galloway Goes To Washington – Mr Galloway Goes To Bethnal Green might be a better use of his time, being the MP there and all. What, exactly, does he think his job is?

  4. the thin white duke says:

    I haven’t listened yet but apparently it will be on Radio 4 at 2215 BST Saturday 17th Sept.
    It makes some comment on the state of my life that I am looking forward to listening to Radio 4 on a saturday night!!
    The Duke

  5. the thin white duke says:

    Ok, after sitting through 2 hours of this fascinating debate I can say that Galloway is a bombastic twat and Hitchens came across as a pompous 6th form prig. After looking forward to an intelligent debate I was sorely disapointed. I guess it goes 6-4 in favour of Mr. Hitchens but only because I have a natural tendency towards his point of view rather than the strength of the debate.
    The Duke

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