Time to panic?

Yet more confirmation that the H5N1 strain of bird flu is making an inevitable foray into Europe. Should we be overly worried? Is it time to panic, or is this going to be another Y2K doomsday scenario: something that just fizzes out rather than becoming the apocalyptic cataclysm widely predicted by the “experts”?

Beats me.

But I’ll be taking the flu jab at work and stocking up on Berocca.

Just in case.

P.S. Has anyone else read The Stand by Stephen King? If this does develop into a pandemic, look out for a charismatic fella wearing cowboy boots. . .


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6 comments on “Time to panic?
  1. x_trapnel says:

    Blimey, writing comments here is turning into a habit.

    Yes, was thinking of the Stand only the other day. Remembered the bit in “Microserfs” where the main character says of Las Vegas that it was populated by people who would have been the ones to go to Las Vegas in “The Stand”. Have never had slightest desire to go there.

    I think every generation has had its vision of the apocalypse. Previously it was God-driven, then it became man-made (total war, then nuclear war) now it’s environmental (AIDS, bird-flu, ecological collapse).

    We have these visions because our personal vanity can’t imagine the world continuing without us. We have to be the last generation alive, as the alternative – a world that can survive without us – affronts our personal vanity.

    The key difference in my mind is that the warning signs are there that it is going to go tits up fairly soon. My pessimism / realism is shored-up by accounts every day of disasters and threats; with the global warming one gaining increasing credence and momentum by the day.

    Thankfully I have enough booze and pain medication to see out the end in relative comfort. Alternatively, the booze can be used to dull the senses whilst one waits for the inevitable; but actually, I am fairly happy in life, in case this reads otherwise. I just look to the future with my hands over my eyes…

  2. Citizen Sane says:

    I’ve been trying to think of something in response to this, something that gives us a positive vision of the future for this planet.

    I give up.

  3. ph says:

    Cheer up, “it might never happen” “worse things happen at sea” “too many cooks spoil the broth”

  4. the thin white duke says:

    Perhaps the most appropriate response to x_trapnel’s rant is: Stop talking utter bollocks.
    Just a thought..
    The thin white duke

  5. x_trapnel says:

    Me, talk bollocks ?!? Yes, well, maybe you’r right. But note that I didn’t mention bird flu as being something which I think is going to be responsible for carrying us all off. Something that’s killed 60 people out of a possible 2 billion in Asia is not going to be the end of the world.
    Also, I don’t think I posted a rant, as such.
    Tell you what, Mr Duke, you post here some links that show that global warming is bollocks (and not sourced from organisations who take oil money). Post links that show me that energy prices are not rising as we run out of supply. Links which repudiate the exponential growth in the consumption of finite resources by the Chinese would help as well. Believe me, I don’t enjoy feeling like a Cassandra, I would much rather be happier and enjoy life without feeling that I am dancing on a volcano; I’d love to believe that what I wrote was utter bollocks and that my children will live out their lives without suffering from the effects of a heated-up world and a dwindling supply of fuel. So post those links please…

  6. dw says:

    Cheer up guys. You need to be conservatives. Conservatives are pissed off and anger makes anybody want to live to fight. (There is a such a thing as positive anger but modern social science with a liberal agend has discovered to many end runs that lead to apathy but pisses off the ethnics so they that will fight for them) But I think you guys are just complaining and need to go to the Hawker Hurricane museum.

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