"It’s just a flesh wound!"

As a rule-of-thumb, genocidal tyrants are not terribly amusing (see: Idi Amin’s ill-advised stand-up tour of 1974). But the trial of Saddam Hussein yesterday made me chuckle if only because, resolute in the face of adversity, he reminded me so much of the Black Knight from Monty Python’s Holy Grail. He who, despite being chopped down to a bloody, limbless stump after losing both arms and legs in battle, refuses to admit defeat; refuses to accept that he is no longer the invincible keeper of the forest.

So when Saddam comes out with gems like the following:

“I am the president of Iraq. . . I do not respond to this so-called court, with all due respect to its people, and I retain my constitutional right as the president of Iraq.”

I experience two emotions. Firstly, I kind of admire the sheer balls of the man for trying to keep up this façade in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Secondly, I picture the defeated knight, beaten in every way, continuing to battle his assailant:

BLACK KNIGHT: Come ‘ere!
ARTHUR: What are you going to do, bleed on me?
BLACK KNIGHT: I’m invincible!
ARTHUR: You’re a loony.
BLACK KNIGHT: The Black Knight always triumphs! Have at you! Come on then.
[ARTHUR chops the BLACK KNIGHT’s other leg off]
BLACK KNIGHT: All right, we’ll call it a draw.
ARTHUR: Come, Patsy.
BLACK KNIGHT: Oh, oh, I see, running away then. You yellow bastards! Come back here and take what’s coming to you. I’ll bite your legs off!

Methinks this trial could prove very interesting. . . .


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10 comments on “"It’s just a flesh wound!"
  1. ph says:

    Perhaps it will be even more interesting than the Milosovic trial – though that would be hard to credit. Large lawyers fees all round!

  2. Citizen Sane says:

    Whatever happened to the Milosevic trial? Presumably it is still going on. Haven’t heard anything about that for months. Possibly years.

  3. ph says:

    what happened to the Bloody Sunday enquiry ?

  4. Hobbzee says:

    Whatever happened to Baby Jane?

  5. Citizen Sane says:

    Whatever happened to the Likely Lads?

  6. the thin white duke says:

    Whatever happened to the heroes?

  7. Sam says:

    I love Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I need to watch that now. The Black Knight is definitely one of my favorites.

    And Saddam. Ahhh…I do agree with you. This will be an interesting trial to watch.

  8. dw says:

    The Black Knight was halarious.
    When Hussein was pulled out of his spider hole by U. S. troops he announced then that he was the president of Iraq and willing to negotioate. I think he’s a thug leader of a backwards people and an expert in survival under any circumstance.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Are you talking about Bush, dw?

  10. dw says:

    no no Hussein. We could use a leader with his balls and our humanity. I am mad at Bush since I figured our he was a liberal in disguise, I respect his protecting America and he is a good man but so am I and I am not fit to run shit. (well maybe I could run shit but am not willing to try, … unless I really needed work.)

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