More on Galloway and the RESPECT Coalition

In case anyone else was wondering just how much taxpayer’s money George Galloway is wasting by appearing on Celebrity Big Brother over the next three weeks (potentially, anyway, but I’d be surprised and horrified if he lasted that long), the answer can be found here in this handy website put together by some concerned Bethnal Green and Bow residents.

Elsewhere, Johann Hari writes how he, as a constituent and long time critic of GG, feels about it. Suffice to say, he’s not terribly impressed. The article also contains some interesting facts about Galloway’s parliamentary record (he’s only turned up for 15 per cent of parliamentary votes) and some information on some key members of the RESPECT Coalition. Dr Mohammed Naseem, for example, the biggest donor to the party (follow link and choose ‘Respect – The Unity Coalition’ from the dropdown. He isn’t the biggest outright cash donor, but he paid for services worth a total £15,457.50), believes that the London bombings were orchestrated by Tony Blair or Mossad. Tony Blair or Mossad? Well, which is it? You’re claiming, doctor, to have a source that says it was one or the other, but you can’t be sure which? What a compelling argument. Fuck it, while we’re tossing out conspiracies, why not just say it was Ian Botham working with Warren Beatty? Oh, Naseem is also an executive member and spokesman for the Islamic Party of Britain, who apparently believe that ‘lewd’ displays of homosexuality should be punished by death. Presumably ‘subtle’ displays are treated more leniently – chopping off a hand or something.

‘Respect’ indeed. And yet there are many on the left comfortable to be associated with these people, based solely on an ‘anti-war’ agenda. The RESPECT Coalition is composed of factions from the Socialist Workers Party (not the National Socialist Workers Party – but with views expressed like the one above, it wouldn’t surprise me) and is openly supported by the Socialist Alliance, the International Socialist Group, the Socialist Unity Network, the Socialist Resistance and the Communist Party of Great Britain. And not forgetting the People’s Front of Judea. Probably. Harold Pinter and Ken Loach are also supporters, the latter being an elected member of its national council. Idiots, every single one of them.

Meanwhile, on the RESPECT website, there’s a written statement from Galloway himself explaining his reasons for going on the show. Apparently, it’s for the people of Palestine. Of course it is, George. Of course it is.

Anyway, this has prompted me to contact RESPECT directly to get some answers about the afore-mentioned Dr Mohammed Naseem and his views. I have sent them the following:

To Whom It May Concern: 

I recently learned that Dr Mohammed Naseem is (or, at least, was) the biggest single non-cash contributor to the RESPECT Coalition. I also stumbled upon the information that Dr Naseem is an executive member of the Islamic Party of Britain, who believe that ‘lewd displays of homosexuality’ (I have no idea what this means, by the way – can you shed any light?) should be punishable by death.

I would be very interested to know if: (1) your party reflects this view also and (2) if so, how murderous intent expressed upon people of different sexual preference fits in with your party’s ideals of ‘respect’ and ‘equality’.

If your party does NOT condone this opinion, I assume you will be refunding Dr Naseem or, at the very least, accepting no further contributions from him?

While I appreciate that Dr Naseem has not personally stated this intention, his position within said organisation and the lack of any refutation on his part make him an advocate of this belief by implication.

I would be very interested to know the official party line on this. In lieu of an answer, I will assume that your party does indeed condone Dr Naseem’s beliefs.

I look forward to their response.


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3 comments on “More on Galloway and the RESPECT Coalition
  1. ph says:

    I have never really understood what are the real emotional drivers of the left. Whatever they are they seems to allow left wing adherents to associate with some very unsavory characters and ideas.

  2. Citizen Sane says:

    It’s a consequence of being driven purely by ideology: it blinkers them to reality. Like Galloway saying that the fall of the Soviet Union was the worst moment of his life – apparently hundreds of millions of people should have just been grateful that they lived under a totalitarian government. Or that Fidel Castro isn’t a dictator – tell that to the numerous journalists he has imprisoned for criticising his regime.

    These people are morons.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sign the petition here:

    Get Back to Work George

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