Big Brother is watching you. (And so are we.)

It would be impossible to catch up on some of the events of the last week without mentioning the antics of George Galloway on Celebrity Big Brother. We all saw him, with a mixture of horror and revulsion, frolicking with that haggard old brass who used to be married to Dennis Waterman. Preparing for a ‘task’ to see if ‘humans can communicate with animals’, everyone’s favourite Trotskyite despot-rimmer pretended to be a cat, with Rula Lenska playing the adoring owner. It was a stomach churning display with dollops of hideous sexual overtone. Really, it had to be seen to be believed. As somebody, somewhere put it: “(Galloway has gone) from being Saddam’s bitch to Rula Lenska’s pussy.”

Shouldn’t there be a law against this sort of thing?

But it’s all worked out for the best because agreeing to appear on the show will prove to be the most poorly calculated decision he has ever made in his political career (and considering he routinely praises dictators, that’s up against some real howlers). It is backfiring in spectacular fashion. His stated intention was to have an opportunity to air his vehement anti-war opinions but, if he is discussing these at any point, they’re being cut before it goes out on air. A spokesperson for the increasingly laughable Respect Coalition claims that Channel 4 are censoring their man. Personally, I suspect he’s too ensconced in the whole experience to give a damn about any of it anymore. He has managed to irreparably damage his own credibility (such as it was) while ensuring that his new party can never again be taken seriously by anyone. And considering the ‘coalition’ is, at heart, a cabal of hardline socialists married to sections of the Islamic far right, this is a very good thing indeed.


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3 comments on “Big Brother is watching you. (And so are we.)
  1. mAc Chaos says:

    I linked to the previous post on this, but this is even better.

    And considering the ‘coalition’ is, at heart, a cabal of hardline socialists married to sections of the Islamic far right, this is a very good thing indeed.

    It’s ironic and telling how so many elements of the socialist left’s goals coincide with the Islamists’. (Multiculturalism, for instance, has turned Great Britain into what is considered by intelligence agents around the world for a breeding ground of radicalism.)

  2. Citizen Sane says:

    I think it’s horrendous that the (self-labelled) forces of progression on the left are happy to share a platform with these people. By doing so, they have turned their backs on many of the major goals of the left movement over the last century: sexual equality, racial equality, the trade union movement, secularism. These were all born out of the liberal/left spectrum, but they have effectively been abandoned by many to forge an alliance with medieval Islamic fundamentalists based purely on an anti-American/anti-imperialism/anti-war/anti-Israel agenda. They are the enemy within.

    As for multiculturalism turning Britain into a breeding ground of radicalism, I’m not so sure. The overwhelming majority of people live peacefully side-by-side for most of the time. Somewhere like France has got a much bigger problem with a restless, disenfranchised Muslim underclass and they pursued a very different strategy to multiculturalism. The jury is out on that one I think.

  3. Laura says:

    feel physically sick

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