The Sadness Of King George

Great news. George Galloway is officially the Most Hated Man In Britain™. The whole nation is now fully aware that he is a duplicitous, petty little man with no regard for anyone other than himself. He alienates everyone through his arrogance and vanity and has no redeeming features whatsoever. When he comes out of the Big Brother house tonight, to a chorus of boos, he will meet this realisation head on. Oh, he’ll claim to be the victim of a conspiracy, selective editing, etc, but nobody is going to believe that.

Later, when he gets home and reflects on the situation, he will realise what an abject failure the exercise has been. The whole grisly spectacle has trashed his standing (well, what there was of it) and left him a figure of ridicule (not that he wasn’t already as far as I’m concerned). Alas, not even a saucer of milk and a nice bit of fish will lift his spirits, especially when he learns that he may face another enquiry into his dealings, this time from the serious fraud office, concerning alleged receipts of large sums of cash from his old chum Saddam Hussein.

So a rough welcoming committee awaits our favourite celebrator of tyrants. Couldn’t happen to a nicer chap. I’m not usually one to kick a man when he’s down, but it’s difficult to resist when it’s this much fun.

Although the court of appeal has ruled in GG’s favour in his libel case with The Daily Telegraph.


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5 comments on “The Sadness Of King George
  1. ph says:

    It appears tom me that the Liberal Elite is going a bit OTT with GG. It appears that both religion and GG both get LL a bit out of proportion

  2. Citizen Sane says:

    Actually, that’s a lie. I almost certainly will. But perhaps not for a while. . .

    Ditto religion.

  3. Anonymous says:

    How ya doin CS? Hey, don’t kick em when their down, stomp the life out of em. They have a way of recouperationg or working in the shadows or COMMING TO AMERICA!


  4. Citizen Sane says:

    DW! You’re back! Where have you been all this time?

  5. dw says:

    Hey CS, Liberals drove me nuts and I have been in a conservative sanitariam recouperating, Their was a Liberal sabataur there that assaulted me everytime no one was looking but I survived. So be easy on me I’m still weak.

    This scandle is probably much bigger that is realized and I hope investigations run full course no matter who is busted.

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