Cough, splutter. . .

Blogging has been difficult recently. In addition to my PC at home going into meltdown, I’ve also been struck down with a strong dose of Man Flu. As such, where once grey matter resided in my skull, there is now some sort of lukewarm chilli con carne. Concentration is a real struggle, and blogging an unattractive proposition.

Perhaps PH and H would like to kick off a debate in the comments section to entertain us all? They’ve been doing so well lately and I haven’t got much to say right now.

A good subject might be Gordon Brown’s wish to lower the voting age to 16. A terrifying thought. Just picture yourself at 16: brash, arrogant, convinced you know the answer to everything (not like now of course, oh no). Now imagine that combined with the right to vote. Horrific. Personally, I’d be more in favour of giving the vote to the grey squirrel.

Plus, of course, today’s sixteen year olds are even worse than in our day. . . . fact.

Anyway, I’m off to pretend I’m doing some work. . .

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10 comments on “Cough, splutter. . .
  1. ph says:

    The ‘lets ask the people’ research has shown that 80% of the electorate are against a voting age of 16. So in an effort to listen to the people the voting age will be reduced to 16. So it is quite clear the government only listens to a few bien pensants, and then even fewer people can be bothered to vote next time. It is yet another stupid, ill conceived idea that will have absolutely no positive impact, so ideally suited to New Labour. Personally I take it as an insult that the Government feels that a 16 year old has the same civic authority as I do. How can you expect people to respect democracy when 16 year olds and prisoners have the same authority as more mature, civic minded folk.
    But new Labour knows that it will pick up the 16 year old vote. It has shored up its vote by ensuring that 60% of the population rely on it for the majority of their income, but a few more votes won’t go amiss.

  2. Citizen Sane says:

    And we’re off!

    You’d actually expect this more from the Lib Dems than Labour. It was also the Lib Dems who floated the “votes for prisoners” idea.

    “Votes for anyone who might vote for us” would be a better description.

  3. Citizen Sane says:

    Although, to play devil’s advocate for a moment. . .

    At 16 you pay tax on income and can sign up to serve in the military. So is it right that you can have a section of society who have taxation but no representation? Or can die for their government but not select it?

    It’s a chin-stroker all right. . .

  4. tafka PP says:

    I meanwhile support your Votes for Grey Squirrels proposition wholeheartedly, shuddering at the thought of my (relatively informed, but still stupid) 16-year-old self voting- and that was back in the Good Old Days as you rightly say. Shudders all round.

  5. ph says:

    You are eligible to pay tax at 6 months, do we give toddlers the vote

  6. Anonymous says:

    This is so typical of the bloggers on here. Sane and Purpleparrot advocate giving Grey Squirrels the vote but say nothing of the indigenous Red Squirrel populations, already suffering as a result of Grey immigrants.

    I say charity starts at home and the Reds should get the vote. Damn immigrants!

    Also, if the Greys cant live here side-by-side with the Reds they should go back where they came from!


  7. Citizen Sane says:

    You’re right.

    Bloody grey squirrels! Coming over here, taking our jobs and our women and our nuts!

    Send ’em all back!

  8. H says:


    clearly votes for 16 yr olds is Gordon Brown’s banking on the idea of “if you aren’t a leftie by 25, you have no heart, if you aren’t a capitalist by 35 you have no head.” He just seems to have forgotten that he no longer comes close to representing socialism or the left.

    As for those Grey Squirrel thieving murdering bastards – stick ’em all in prison is what I say. (But still don’t give them the vote – ha ha!)


  9. Sarah says:

    I’m 16 and I think I am ready for the vote. I understand politics. I understand what I’m doing.

    And those 16 yr-olds that are not ready for the vote, simply won’t care, and won’t vote. Easy.

    Just a comment.

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