France ‘to be avoided’

The Foreign Office has warned UK citizens to exercise extreme caution if visiting France, going so far as to say that the country should be avoided altogether for the foreseeable future. Visitors can expect large numbers of aggressive, hostile, belligerent people out on the streets, complaining about their government.

“We recommend that all British citizens exercise extreme caution if visiting France,” said a Foreign Office statement.

But enough of this general advice, it appears there are a lot of riots taking place all over the country too. So do be careful.


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8 comments on “France ‘to be avoided’
  1. mAc Chaos says:

    I think avoiding France is a good rule of thumb no matter what the context.

  2. Zidance Smith says:

    Marc Chaos, sounds like a very reliable name to me anyway, thinks france should always be avoided. I cannot help but agree with Mr. Chaos. One does see riots anywhere else. Iraq for example is riot free. Bush and Blair have the place under tight democratic control. Gatherings, such as collecting in Mosques, is punishable by a visit to the torture chamber. France is of course similar what with students complaining and rioting. Rather dreadful way to behave I will agree. And Iraqis need democracy or at least be killed. France did not agree with this so they should be killed too.

  3. Citizen Sane says:

    Err. . . indeed!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I cant say I blame the students, I mean the government expect them to ACTUALLY EARN A LIVING for Christ sake!

    I must admit that whilst, as an Englishman, I love to bitch about the French, I do have some grudging respect for them. On previous visits to France I have found them to be very nice people and it is a lovely country. They just seem to enjoy discussing politics and philosophy more than actually living in the real world.

    They discuss globalisation as if they can opt-out or stop it, and they expect the world to do what they say but noone actually gives a toss (I realise the UK suffers from this delusion too).

    I think they are stuck in the 60’s. A world where French is the international language, Brigitte Bardot runs around St Tropez naked and they all take 3 hour lunches flirting with each other whilst smoking Gitanes.

    Things have moved on and a billion Indians and 1.5 billion Chinese all want a Bardot and a Citroen. Well maybe not the Citroen. Or Bardot, shes a bit rough and mad now.


  5. Citizen Sane says:

    It’s not even about them having to earn a living though is it? It’s outrage that – gasp! – their employer might have a bit more flexibility in labour hire and might – oh nurse! – have to make people redundant occasionally.

    Apparently it’s fine for every other country to operate in this fashion, but it’s not acceptable that the French themselves might have to deal with it.

    It seems that the French are all for globalisation when it’s their (state-subsidised) industries doing well. But they personally have to stay exempt – see the hysterical intervention of their government to stop Pepsi buying Danone last year. Not a problem when French firms are buying British electricity, water and rail companies though. Funny, that. . .

    They need more laws like this to go through if they’re ever going to have an economy that can compete in a global marketplace. They’re still stuck in the 1970s in Union Hell.

  6. Martyn says:

    It’s definitely kicking off dans le republique, or summat.

  7. mAc Chaos says:

    Proof, at last!

    Remember, it’s science. If you disagree, you hate science.

  8. Rachie says:

    They should all move to Namibia. It’s technically impossible to fire anyone here, as my organisation is discovering, to its considerable cost.

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