What we missed about London while we were away in New York

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Nope, can’t think of anything.


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18 comments on “What we missed about London while we were away in New York
  1. Citizeness Sane says:


  2. Citizen Sane says:

    OK, yes, we missed having a duvet. But that really was it. Oh, and perhaps UK news because US news coverage is shit. With the exception of Geraldo At Large on Fox, because he is clearly some kind of moustache god.


  3. ph says:

    Surely with nearly a decade of New ‘Things can only get better’ Labour making things better, it is somewhat contrary to wish to leave the UK for a moment never mind a week.
    I have given up taking holidays as it is so good here in the UK

  4. Citizen Sane says:

    And, of course, we have missed your acerbic cynicism ph!!

  5. Citizeness Sane says:

    and brown sauce!

  6. Geoff Champagne says:

    Proper bacon?

  7. Citizen Sane says:

    Well, I’m a ketchup man myself so my needs were catered for in that respect.

    But yes, proper bacon is another one. Although their sausages more than compensate for the bacon deficiency.

  8. The Realist says:

    They do indeed. Just one of many reasons why I’m going to go and live there.

  9. Citizen Sane says:

    Ye gods! It’s the ghost of The Realist! Back to haunt us!

  10. tafka PP says:

    Glad you had fun: I heart NY!

    Can’t claim to ever have had a bacon craving, but almost seven years away from the UK I still dream about Quavers…

  11. Citizen Sane says:

    Quavers: a most under-rated snack. Not in the same league as pickled onion Monster Munch of course, but they’re up there alright.

  12. ph says:

    It is tea that I miss. Oh yes you can get tea, but it is aways Liptons Yellow label which is clearly made not out of tea but the infamous florida hanging chads.
    To make matters worse they expect you to make it with tepid water.
    The rest of the world think that we, the British, drink this anaemic gnat’s piss-water. It is no wonder that coffee dominates the world, when all that is on offer is bloody liptons yellow label.
    Actually the Malaysians make good tea, comes from the Cameron highlands. The Dutch are the worlds worst tea makers by far.
    The Americans cannot make coffee or tea. Your average corporate american coffee is made with non dairy creamer (chalk), foubachers coffee (dust) and any one of (hazel, vanilla, passion fruit, bubble gum, bat shite) artificial flavours. Don’t get me started on American food – looks great, plenty of it all tastes the same.
    Rant over

  13. ph says:

    Rant not over
    An other annoying Americanism. When the waiter delivers the meal(just getting to that point meant that you had to exchange pleasantries with 10 girls called *-Lou) they always say ‘Enjoy!’ . Don’t bloody well tell me to enjoy it, enjoyment is my choice not theirs.
    Last time I was in the states, some lardy-arsed 18 year old waitress would not serve me a drink as I had no ID (pass port). I am 40 years old.
    Blinkered optimism when faced with ceretain doom – another annoying American trait.

  14. Citizen Sane says:

    Keep it coming, this is entertaining stuff.

  15. mAc Chaos says:

    I miss The Realist’s posts…

  16. Citizen Sane says:

    That will make him proud.

    Unless you were being sarcastic that is.

  17. H says:

    Recently in Australia, and could not resist popping into a Faux-cutsie-Ye Olde British sweet shop to check out what was on offer (I am an ex-Brit living permanently abroad), and lo-and behold there were pickled onion monster munch. Truly heaven! Forget about the 70 virgins!

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