A couple of midweek rants

I really should have more important subjects on my mind right now. The bombings in Mumbai, Britain committing more troops to Afghanistan, new skirmishes on the Israel-Lebanon border, etc. However. . . .

  • Don’t you just hate it when you get a song in your head and, no matter what you do, it’s there, subtly eroding your sanity with its unrelenting repetition? That’s what I had all morning. A quick Google search of the lyrics revealed it to be a number called Everybody’s Gone To War by Nerina Pallot (me neither). It’s an irritating song combined with gormless, sub-sixth form poetry ‘meaningful’ lyrics. Imagine Sheryl Crow getting political and you’re almost there. Bloody awful. It’s like being fucked in the ears.

  • If, like me, you harbour plans to install a wireless broadband router, don’t get anything made by Belkin. I spent a large portion of my weekend trying to get the bastard thing to work properly. Without success I might add. But if you do ever find yourself struggling with some of their equipment, don’t bother calling their help line: you will simply waste another precious half an hour of your life on hold to a call centre in India and, when your call is eventually taken, the person at the other end will be helpful but, alas, utterly hopeless at diagnosing a solution to your problem. You might as well ask the toaster. The battle continues tonight.

Centrist. Atlanticist. Dry liberal. Anti-totalitarian. Post-ideological pragmatist. Child of The Enlightenment. Toucan.

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3 comments on “A couple of midweek rants
  1. Anonymous says:

    I bought a Belkin wireless mouse once, lasted 3 days.
    On a more positive note, my Cisco router was a dodle to install …. not that this helps you as you have a Belkin router

  2. Anonymous says:

    I bought a Netgear modem and router from Curry’s for £80 and it works perfectly!

  3. Citizen Sane says:

    *curses own lack of prior research*

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