Thus spake Blairathustra

Well, Blair has retorted, in a pre-recorded statement of blandness during a visit to a school in north London. It started with an apology on behalf of the party, which was an interesting way to begin. Trying to distance himself from all the in-fighting, obviously, and put the blame squarely on that nasty, manipulative Brown camp. By the end of it, we were still none the wiser: this year will be his last TUC and party conference – that’s as close he came to specifying any stand down date. Any date will be named at a time in the best interests of the country and the party. The public comes first, etc, etc. Other than that, there were a few opportunities to highlight a few policy achievements (although I can’t remember which). And that was it. No questions, no answers.

Just over an hour ago Gordon Brown committed himself to supporting whatever decision Blair makes with regards to standing down. So now what?


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5 comments on “Thus spake Blairathustra
  1. ph says:

    I have certainly realised that I am not clever enough (or maybe interested enough) to follow all these dates. But, correct me if I am wrong, but in terms of timing for Blair’s departure, didn’t we know a week ago that he would go sometime in the next year, or did we assume we knew?
    Looking at the papers this morning they seem to think that Brown has been damaged by all his (or is it someone elses) shenanigans. The Tories do this sort of thing so much better, and at least with them there is some kind of doctrinal battle, whereas Gordon has decided he will spoil everone’s fun until he gets his turn to play with the ball, even though the ball belogs to his friend Tony.

  2. Citizen Sane says:

    No, you’re right. After everything that happened yesterday, we are still none the wiser, back exactly where we started.

    But it’s still been educational, a little insight into the huge split in the party that is increasingly difficult to cover.

    I read that Brown has been damaged by all this too. But has he? I’m not so sure. If anything, he’s shown that the balance of power has swung dramatically in his direction. That he can call the shots. Now he just needs to show that he wants a peaceful transition, and not blood on the streets, which is where this could have been heading.

    As for the ball belonging to his “friend” Tony, I don’t think there can be any doubt now whatsoever that there is no friendship there at all and hasn’t been since about 1998. Deep rooted emnity would be a more apt description. Blair would probably rather lose a limb than see Brown be next PM, which is what all this stalling about dates is really about: making time for another contender to come through.

  3. macchaos says:

    Looks like all we have to look forward to after Blair are a host of appeasers weak on national security credentials…

  4. Devil's Advocate says:

    Now what? Now, Charles Clarke appears to have lost it – this may be unrelated to the week’s events, I’m not sure.

  5. ph says:

    Tony was the bad guy, Gordon the good. Charles was the bad guy now the good. Now Tony is the goodie, Gordon the baddie……. Charles is a baddie again

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