A carpet of white dung

It says something about the clemency of our recent winters when we get a cold snap and a bit of snow in January and everyone seems surprised. Is it global warming? Perhaps. Whatever the root cause, winter has definitely changed in this country over the last ten years or so. I remember when a British winter meant freezing your tits off for a couple of months. Snow was guaranteed every year. Real snow, mind: deep enough that you couldn’t see your cat when it was in the garden. Cold enough to freeze pipes and shut schools. Ah, them were the days. Nowadays we get half an inch of snowfall overnight that simply turns to grey sludge by 8am.

That suits me though, because I hate the stuff. Oh, it looks nice, but having to negotiate it is a massive pain in the backside. So let the milder winters continue. Climate change has its drawbacks, but at least there’s less danger of slipping flat on your face on the way to work.

Update: The Onion, as ever, is also on the case.


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5 comments on “A carpet of white dung
  1. ph says:

    oh you misery! My 3 kids were up at 6.15, and were out in the back field with a sledge by 6.25.
    They had 1 & half hours of snowy fun prior to school. What with global warming and the general temperate nature of Bromley they might never get another chance.

  2. tafka PP says:

    Ah I remember the days of frozen pipes… and listening to the radio to hear if your school was open…

  3. Devil's Advocate says:

    … the only time you ever listened to local radio…

  4. H says:

    Eeh by gum!

    Things were dif’ren in our day, aye!

    These kids of today with their new fangled gadgets! I dunno! I remember when you could only get the internet in black and white!

  5. Citizen Sane says:

    ‘Appen it were all fields round these ‘ere parts when I were a lad.

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