Some might say that’s rich coming from you

Heavyweight cultural and political commentator Noel Gallagher has lashed out at the Prime Minister in an interview with Newsnight. Pulling no punches, the pugnacious Oasis leader was critical of Tony Blair’s ‘presidential’ leadership and the Iraq war, both of which, the guitarist claims, have tarnished the Labour Party forever. There were no kind words for the leader of the opposition, either. David Cameron is “no different” and is “like a songwriter who’s eternally ripping off someone else’s song,” said the songwriter who gave us tunes such as Cigarettes & Alchohol (basically a rewrite of T-Rex’s Get It On [Bang A Gong]), Don’t Look Back In Anger (which steals the piano riff from John Lennon’s Imagine, before turning into Watching The Wheels – again by John Lennon), Hello (the ending of which is so similar to Gary Glitter’s Hello, Hello, I’m Back Again he got a co-writing credit), Step Out (the chorus of which is so similar to Stevie Wonder’s Uptight [Everything’s Alright] he also got a co-writing credit), Shakermaker (essentially the same tune as I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing by the New Seekers), Fade Away (the first verse of which bears an uncanny resemblance to Freedom by Wham!), Wonderwall (the title of which was originally a George Harrison album) not to mention innumerable lazy references to Beatles lyrics, songs and albums scattered throughout the band’s output. So it’s easy to see where he got the analogy from.

Still, one has to admire his….chutzpah.

I haven’t really paid any attention to Oasis since (eerily enough, in a spooky New Labour parallel) 1997, so seeing their performance at The Brits last night was something of a shock. They were horrendous, a grotesque parody of themselves. Liam stood with the posture of on orangutan. An orangutan with rickets. And his vocal ‘delivery’ was excruciating. It sounded like the rock and roll lifestyle has not so much caught up with him, but sped up behind him in a truck, run him down, reversed back over him again to make sure, then climbed out and twatted him with hammers.

You can see a clip of it for yourself here. Although I wouldn’t recommend it.


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2 comments on “Some might say that’s rich coming from you
  1. tafka PP says:

    YouTube wouldn’t let me watch it. Probably just as well, after your descriptions!

    I still remember that summers day when everyone rushed out to buy Be Here Now. Which even Noel had the clarity to call, albeit in retrospect, “Shite”.

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