It was 750 days ago today…. the Liberal Elite biennial

Can it really be a year ago that Liberal Elite celebrated its first anniversary? This can only mean one thing: today is the blog’s second birthday. Happy birthday to Liberal Elite, happy birthday to Liberal Elite, happy birthday dear Liberal Elite… and so on. 

Reading back over the old posts makes me misty eyed. Ah, them were the days, when The Realist and myself could happily churn out a few posts each every week, when the pressures and demands of work and life allowed the time for such indulgence. When we were a bit younger and a bit more feisty. When the comments sections were alive (at least, by relative standards) with debate and disagreement.

Happy times, happy times.


Centrist. Atlanticist. Dry liberal. Anti-totalitarian. Post-ideological pragmatist. Child of The Enlightenment. Toucan.

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7 comments on “It was 750 days ago today…. the Liberal Elite biennial
  1. x_trapnel says:

    Happy 2nd anniversary – I’m still reading you, and I’m sure many others are.

    One possible item for debate – why has the recent enquiry into our drugs laws been run by the Royal Society of Arts ?!? OK, drugs have traditionally influenced many artists, but how much “clout” does the RSA have in terms of its views being taken seriously.
    Drugs use and the economy behind drugs supply is responsible for many of the concerns about society voiced by “the man on the Clapham omnibus” and the increase in shootings and the increase in the number of prisoners are directly related to the drugs trade. So why this report, issued today, is considered less newsworthy according to the BBC News site than the death of John Inman is beyond me.

    Anyway, Happy Birthday once more and I look forward to more entries over the coming year.

  2. ph says:

    Mmm I think that doing posts containing many points does not encourage comments. It just overloads my sense of wrath and indignation and I slip into apathy.

    Of course the reason you have mellowed is because you have taken to heart by wise yet reactionary words. Only only points of real contention these days are faith and abortion – although I don’t think I have actually pontificated on the latter…. as it is such a well worn path

  3. Citizen Sane says:

    x_trapnel – Thank you sir, glad you’re still dropping by. I’m a regular lurker at your own blog too. I’ve been thinking about writing something on the drug wars for ages now, so perhaps this is the time.

    BTW, is anything more important than the death of John Inman? I hope this doesn’t prompt a load of repeats of Are You Being Served?

    PH – I think I have mellowed. Writing this stuff and reading other people’s thoughts is a great way of crystalising your own opinions and that’s been one of the best things about having this wee blog. Occasionally I will start writing about something, but might not actually know what I really think until I’ve written the last sentence. Subsequent reader comments then either reinforce my view or make me think about something from a different perspective. It’s like a workout for the thinking muscles.

    Anyway, I’m now going to have to think of a subject where we have no agreement at all. That drugs one will probably do it…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Happy Blogday for last week. Its a shame it fell on the wednesday and not the thursday because then I could have celebrated 2 occasions in one. Happy World Kidney day for last thursday by the way.


  5. jonz says:

    Happy Blogday. I am surprised I havent stumbled upon your site before but I’m here now.

    I am awaiting delivery of Cohen’s What’s Left as it goes…

  6. tafka PP says:

    Happy Belated Blogday to you! I have a good excuse- I’m far away from my home (computer) – but thanks to you, when I walked past Christopher Hitchens in DC, I knew who he was! So please, keep on enlightening me!

  7. Citizen Sane says:

    GB – Thanks. See you down the pub.

    Jonz – Welcome. Cohen is in the congested queue of books I’m still waiting to read, behind Dawkins and Andrew Sullivan.

    Tafka pp – Excellent! It’s always a pleasure to introduce people to the writings of The Hitch.

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