It’s the nothingness. The whiteness. The endless…ness. Stretching on beyond the human imagination. Desolation of the soul.

Two months! Two long months without so much as a whisper. Well, the intention has been there I promise you, just not the time.

I’m not even going to attempt to recap any issues from the last couple of months. I can barely remember anything anyway. On a personal note, my biggest news is that I am going to make an honest woman of Citizeness Sane. Yes, I finally proposed upon our return from a long weekend in Bordeaux over the August bank holiday weekend. (I recognise that a proposal would have been better actually in Bordeaux but, well… that’s just the way it worked out.) We will get hitched on October 25th 2008.

With regards to this blog, I’ve been thinking about putting the old girl out to pasture for a long time now. It’s been fun, but I think it might be time to move on to something else. I still plan to blog, but maybe in not the same way that I have over the last couple of years. It could be time to pop up again with something slightly different (and yet the same). I’ve loved writing this thing but it no longer feels right to be doing so under the Liberal Elite banner – the name just seems too restrictive and I want to just write about anything that takes my fancy.

I’m tinkering away on something at the moment and, if I decide to proceed with it, you can be sure that I will advertise the fact here. After all, I would hate to lose my five readers…..

Watch this space.


Centrist. Atlanticist. Dry liberal. Anti-totalitarian. Post-ideological pragmatist. Child of The Enlightenment. Toucan.

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5 comments on “It’s the nothingness. The whiteness. The endless…ness. Stretching on beyond the human imagination. Desolation of the soul.
  1. x_trapnel says:

    Hi there. Reader number 5 checking in.

    It’s funny, out of the links on my blog page, some sites are like this one now defunct, some update rarely and most have gone off the boil. Is wave one of blogging over ?

    I’ll continue to sporadically update my blog. Thing is, it’s more as a record of (some) of my life for my kids…sometimes cathartic for me to write. It’s never been intended for others.

    I’ve enjoyed this blog, despite it’s anti-Birmingham sentiments ! Please keep in touch, and most of all

    CONGRATULATIONS on your news and I wish you both many years of happiness.

    All the best


  2. Citizeness Sane says:

    Thank you B 🙂

  3. Citizen Sane says:

    Yes, thanks B. Cheers!

    I think you’re right about Blogging 1.0 though. Loads of blogs I used to read have gone off the boil in 2007 which is a shame. I guess people are just too busy poking one another on Facebook these days.

    The anti-Birmingham sentiments I am unable to take the blame/credit (delete as applicable) for, as that was The Realist bashing his own home town.

    Me, I’m not giving up on blogging. In fact, I’m hoping to give it a bit of a kick start very soon…

  4. tafka PP says:

    There’s a great Facebook group called “Birmingham… It’s Not Shit”… I hope the Realist has joined! Facebook is definitely somewhat to blame for my own blogging slump. (That, and that I still can’t solve the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and there’s only so much humour one can extract!)

    Anyway- far more importantly- Congratulations to Citizen and Lady Sane!

  5. ph says:

    Congratulations on the upcoming marriage, its great once you get through the ceremony.
    Clearly someone who is settling for that old reactionary instituation of wedded bliss, cannot really pretend to be liberal, so it is probably best you change the name of your blog.

    As for the blog – where can I go for a good rant now? Although it has to be said that as you became less liberal the ranting became less satisfying.

    Lots of blogs now seem to be going away – its suprising how little difference to the world in general all those millions of words made – perhaps they all just cancelled each other out

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