Water disgrace

I’m not usually one to comment on “the world’s gone mad” types of news stories, but I read this on the way home this evening and thought, well, the world’s gone mad. Claridge’s in Mayfair is due to launch a “water list” in their restaurant, offering the “finest” mineral waters from around the world, with prices going up to £50 per litre.

Ridiculous, of course. Even more ridiculous are the accompanying descriptions on the menu: “a perfect companion to sushi, sashimi and caviar”, “slightly sweet, with an overall smooth sensation on the palate”. This is also a classic: “It is naturally filtered through the mountain layers and is suitable for all ages, particularly people with sensitive digestions, new born babies, children, pregnant ladies and the elderly.” Well, yes, I think you’ll find that water is a suitable drink for most people on the planet in fact. Or how about this: “only when a large piece of ice breaks into the sea, can it be harvested”? Well, there’s one benefit to global warming I suppose. The glaciers might be melting, but at least we can bottle the breakaway ice and sell it to arsewits in London who are clearly unfamiliar with the old adage about a twat and his money being easily parted.

I don’t much care what people choose to spend their money on, but anyone happy to pay £50 for a bottle of water deserves to have it smashed over their head.

Yet more evidence that we’re living in the Fall of Rome?


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2 comments on “Water disgrace
  1. ph says:

    Some waters sell themselves on the fact that they have a low mineral content, others that they have a high mineral content, and yet others that the mineral content is well balanced – who is correct?

  2. Citizen Sane says:

    I suppose it depends on the mineral. Calcium high content = good. Lead? Not so popular.

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