We’re not The Judean People’s Front, we’re The People’s Front of Judea.

How wonderful to see the repugnant Respect Party disintegrating before our very eyes. This unholy union of communists and Islamists, presided by bumptious cretin George Galloway, was surely due to collapse under the weight of its own contradictions sooner rather than later. Galloway has now splintered off from the rest of the circus to form his own new movement called (oh, my aching sides) Respect Renewal. So much for the “coalition”.

So now the movement does not have an MP, and the MP does not have a movement. Hopefully both factions will disappear into the obscurity they so richly deserve and the people of Bethnal Green and Bow will get an MP who provides representation in Parliament rather than poncing around on reality TV shows or fawning over Ba’athist and communist dictators.


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One comment on “We’re not The Judean People’s Front, we’re The People’s Front of Judea.
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