Palin comparison

I can’t recall the last time a speech generated such a lot of excitement and hullaballoo. Least of all a speech by somebody, who, little over a week ago, was pretty much unheard of. So McCain’s picked a running mate who can appeal to all the people that he can’t – i.e. the core Republican base – and all of a sudden people are slobbering in wonder because she’s also capable of delivering somebody else’s words from a podium and knows where to stick the knife in and twist it.

She’s Dick Cheney minus the dick.

The whole spectacle was downright bizarre. The words were straight from the GOP Random Speech Generator:

“Family. Family. Family. Hard working patriots. Family. America. Opportunity. Religion. Guns. Oil. The media elite. Serve the people of this country. Ethics. Values. Tax burden. Spending. Drilling. Big government. Family. Taxes. Did I mention family?”

Meanwhile, the reaction of the audience bordered on the sinister. Wide eyed with enthusiasm because a woman is standing on a stage delivering well chosen and carefully considered words and she’s just like one of them! Rejoice! Never mind the fact that most of the speech was written before she was even selected – it could have been anybody up there delivering the exact same words. And that’s all they are – words. Stage managed, polished and well presented words.

Mission accomplished for the McCain camp then – she’s connecting with people that he could never hope to and that, obviously, is exactly why she was selected. But I find it astonishing to read all the reports of how she has personally resurrected the Republican campaign when all she did was turn up, bellow the script like a good Thespian (to an audience that was always going to lap it up like thirsty goats), flaunt her family, then bow and wait for the plaudits. I guess that’s modern politics for you – more like an episode of The X Factor than a serious discussion of policy. How depressing.

Much, much more of this to come of course.


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2 comments on “Palin comparison
  1. Sam says:

    I have been eating up all of the politics that has been going on back home for the past couple of days and MAN, it is exhausting. I’ve decided that I miss Bill Clinton.

    Good to see you’re still out there, btw. Hope you’re doing well. 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Not really interested in palin, but what is really interesting is the reaction of the liberals (in particular the women) to Mrs Palin. Spiteful, nasty, hatefilled bitchiness. Thanks Sarah for casting a light on the liberal mind.

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