Like it or not, Nick Griffin has a right to appear on Question Time

The British National Party is a detestable organisation. Dimwitted troglodytes in thrall to Nazis, they are an affront to everything that is truly British. They are a minority movement of racist thugs coated with a paper thin veneer of political respectability and they are worthy of nothing but contempt and derision. Nonetheless, they are a legal political party with a smattering of representation at a local and European level and as such are entitled to represent themselves on the BBC’s Question Time. Democracy isn’t served by slamming the door shut in the faces of those with whom we vehemently disagree, so those who argue that the BBC are obliged to pretend the BNP does not exist, that an increasing number of alienated and disenfranchised people are not voting for them, that they are not winning local council elections, that they will just go away if we ignore them are wrong. Well meaning, perhaps, but wrong.

The throng of protesters who have gathered at the BBC Television Centre this evening to demonstrate against Nick Griffin’s appearance are also exercising their democratic rights. But they are not helping and, given that the majority of them are almost certainly a rent-a-mob comprised of members of the Socialist Workers Party, they are little better than the fascists they are so opposed to anyway.

Griffin will thrive on this and will attempt to take the moral high ground: here he is, trying to engage in democratic discourse and violent lefties are laying the BBC building to siege and attempting to stop the show being recorded. As pointed out at Harry’s Place, the protesters are simply providing film footage for the BNP’s next party political broadcast. They’re playing right into their hands.

But no matter. While Griffin and his imbecilic cohorts are no doubt terribly excited about their upcoming appearance, they really shouldn’t be. Apart from some short-lived publicity, they are not going to benefit from this. Griffin will try and put up a good fight but his arguments cannot stand up to scrutiny. He will be torn apart by reason and subjected to what he fears the most, what all fascists fear the most: ridicule. He will be battered in this debate and he will be revealed for the intellectual lightweight he is, because apart from his poisonous views on race he has nothing else to talk about, nothing else to offer. I can think of no better way to expose the BNP for what it is than to have Griffin demonstrate his stammering ignorance on national television.

Nobody will be converted to his cause, while opposition to it will be hardened immeasurably.

Looking forward to it.


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6 comments on “Like it or not, Nick Griffin has a right to appear on Question Time
  1. PP says:

    Do we get a post-Griffin post as well?? Your public want to read!

    (Yeah, I’m not blogging anymore, but I hoped you might be, for this!)

  2. cogitata says:

    “given that the majority of them are almost certainly a rent-a-mob comprised of members of the Socialist Workers Party, they are little better than the fascists they are so opposed to anyway.”

    I’d go one step further and say that their tactics are indeed fascist. Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler – all were left wingers who thought they knew best and sought to control thought and action, just as the SWP, UAF and others do today.

    We have to uncouple ‘racist’ and ‘fascist’, which were brought together by the National Socialists in Germany; it is quite possible to be one and not the other. And on a similar note, it doesn’t help to call the BNP Nazis as they differ immensely.

  3. Citizen Sane says:

    PP! Thought you were in permanent retirement. Nice to know you’re still out there and even checking here from time to time. I certainly intend to do a post-Griffin post. Haven’t had this much fun pouring scorn on someone since the heady days of Galloway bashing in 2006.

    Mr Cogitata – thanks for dropping by! Distinction duly acknowledged and yes, you are absolutely correct. What we consider to be “fascist” is not a left/right issue but more about identifying groups who are proponents of totalitarianism in whatever form. With regards to calling the BNP Nazis though…. well, there are undoubtedly Nazi sympathisers within their ranks so while they may not be a “Nazi Party” as such, they have Nazi components. Plus, it really annoys them.

  4. ph says:

    I assume that your posts are infrequent because Bromley life has distracted you

  5. Citizen Sane says:

    Well, as you know, the bright lights of Bromley are beguiling!

    But yes, been very busy getting the house re-wired, re-plastered, decorated, etc. Then the baby came two weeks early on Dec 20th. So to say it’s been a busy time would be an understatement!

  6. ph says:

    congratulations – been doing the same thing myself – apart from the baby (got those already)

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