Just like starting over

Just under five years ago I started a blog called Liberal Elite. Initially a co-venture with a friend of mine, it was intended to be an outlet for our opinions on (generally) current affairs and news, with a liberal slant. Liberal in the classical sense – not the corrupted definition that’s prevalent in the US nor the limp and weedy, self-flagellating form of modern British “liberalism”. I wrote a trenchant and over-confident “mission statement” for the blog setting out our, erm, vision. It was hugely tongue-in-cheek, arrogant even, but that was the point. The blog was intended to be irreverent, confrontational and dismissive of alternative view points. The original tag line summed this up: “Because you’re wrong”. What larks. What arrogance. I was a crazy young man with a dream.

Five years on I’m older, married, I’ve recently become a father. World weary and jaded, far less certain of my opinions (well, some of them), I don’t think I could ever set out my stall with such gusto again. Saying that, perhaps I’ve lost focus because I’m not writing enough. Blogging is a great way to crystallise your opinions – often I wouldn’t know exactly what I was going to say until the words came tumbling out. I’d then read it back and think “Ah, so that’s my opinion then. I presume.” Often those words were powered by strong coffee when I should have been working instead, mind. Ah, the heady days of 2005 and 2006.

So what’s Mind Trumpet all about then? Well, I need an outlet to talk about whatever takes my fancy. The previous blogs – Liberal Elite especially – were too focussed on politics and world events and furious rants about religion, which was all great fun and no doubt there will be more of that to come on this site, but there’s so many other things I feel I should also write about: being a dad, music, film, TV, my nascent interest in photography, books… whatever I’m experiencing basically.

So it’s going to be a clean break with everything else I’ve ever written and I’ve come back to Blogger too. WordPress was pretty good, but I prefer the Blogger interface (although some new templates in the last five years wouldn’t be asking too much would it?). Besides, the steady global takeover by Google continues apace – I might as well be part of it. Be on the winning side and all that.

So here we go, blog number four.

Centrist. Atlanticist. Dry liberal. Anti-totalitarian. Post-ideological pragmatist. Child of The Enlightenment. Toucan.

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2 comments on “Just like starting over
  1. Philip says:

    Please don't write about being a Dad. Although its full of wonder to you (at the moment) to everyone else its as dull as ditch water – almost as bad as being a Mum who forget that motherhood is not a new or unique condition.But congratulations anyway

  2. Citizen Sane says:

    Thank you. Don't worry, I've got no plans to write some confessional, new-dad, new-man piece. That would be hideous. But I reckon there's some stuff that needn't be as dull as ditch water as you say. We'll see.

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