Some news about an old friend…

I’d like to take a moment to pause, reflect and remember an old friend and – alas – casualty of the 2010 election. It was with great sadness that I learnt that the hardest working politician in Westminster – Mr George Galloway – failed to win the seat of Poplar and Limehouse. Not only that but, it chokes me to say, his ‘Respect’ Party lost their only seat in Bethnal Green and Bow. Yes indeed, ladies and gentlemen, the ‘Respect’ Party now has no representation in the House of Commons.

It’s a damn shame and no mistake. Why do bad things happen to good people?

I am further saddened to report that George’s radio show “The Mother Of All Talkshows” on the inspirational TalkSport Radio station was also recently killed off. Such a shame that I never listened and now never will. But there is hope! Because George plans to start his own internet radio station – “Rebel Radio“. I can’t wait for that one.


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