So the Tories are back. Some initial thoughts.

So the Tory beast returns to power. Although this beast will be hamstrung, tethered and muzzled. I am indifferent to this particular turn of events given that I cannot see it as being anything other than short-lived. I’m prepared to be proved very wrong on this, but I think a coalition with the Lib Dems is destined to collapse under the weight of its own contradictions. Personally, I’m going to sit back and enjoy the theatre. It’s certainly going to be very interesting to see how things turn out, especially when Cameron picks his Cabinet. Early indications point to Nick Clegg being made Deputy PM. Which sounds grander than it is, of course, given that it isn’t even a real position. John Prescott did it for ten years for Christ’s sake. You could draw a smiley face on an orange and give it that title.

Whoever came to power in this election was going to have to confront some rather harsh economic realities: a huge deficit and record levels of national debt. Any new government is going to have to take an axe to public spending – I’m happy for the Tories to play the role of pantomime villain, providing fresh impetus to regard them once more as the “nasty party”. This was a general election worth losing.

Gordon left with dignity and – I suspect – enormous relief. Good luck to him. He wasn’t cut out for the centre stage anyway. I expect we’ll see David Miliband taking on Cameron at Prime Minister’s Question Time in a few months, thus giving us the scenario where the Conservative’s answer to Tony Blair goes head to head with Blair’s true successor. (Here’s a question: if Clegg does become Deputy PM, will he stand in at PMQs when Cameron is away?)

This is going to be the most fractured and ineffectual Conservative government since the last one. It’s going to be very interesting….


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4 comments on “So the Tories are back. Some initial thoughts.
  1. Philip says:

    Main thing is that we have got rid of the Labour government. As always Labour administrations leave the country bankrupt. Gordon was a poor PM, and an awful Chancellor. Unfortunately Blair was a brilliant politician, and nothing else.We have had 13 years being governed by two men, who each were psycologically unfit for the position they held. At least John Major was sane. Just shows you how powerful the Labour spin machine was/is

  2. Hobbzee says:

    Yes, good riddance to Brown et al in my view. Brown had more than ample time to prove himself and couldn’t, not as a convincing leader anyway. Labour had a long period in government and was pretty stale by the bitter end and so I think now is a good time for a change and to let someone else have a go. Gordon was never my cup of tea and never gave me any confidence whatsoever. And whilst I realise we vote for a party rather than a personality in this country I have to say I found his manner so off putting, it just made me cringe to watch him in action. Tony Blair, whether you agreed with has politics or not (happens I didn’t) was undoubtedly a brilliant politician and therefore it was always going to be a very hard act to follow in that respect -Teflon Tony etc. So yes, I have no doubt that it was Gordon personally that probably cost Labour the election.But yes, I am as baffled and intrigued as the next person as to how this new Con/Lib government will work in practice. Have to say it makes me sick to see them all arse-licking each other now when two weeks ago they were slagging each other’s parties off – how embarrassing! Seeing Cameron and Clegg slapping each other on the back now – pass the bucket. Like Citizen Sane I’ll be amused if/when it all goes tits up within a year. But hopefully by then Labour will have got its act together and selected a leader who will be far better suited to take the country where it needs to go next and get us of this God-awful mess we’re in. Until then, all bets are off.

  3. Citizen Sane says:

    Have to say it makes me sick to see them all arse-licking each other now when two weeks ago they were slagging each other’s parties off – how embarrassing!Indeed. As a case in point, see the post above about the information still visible on Chris Huhne's website.

  4. Hobbzee says:

    Hilarious! I can't believe that is STILL on Chris Huhne's website today! (Where are those damned aides working in the web department when you need them hey?!!!!)

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