How quickly things change in politics…

I just happened to stumble across Chris Huhne’s website. Huhne, of course, is the new Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change in this new, perverse, coalition government. As if to reinforce the duplicity, double standards and u-turns that were required to forge this unholy alliance, check this out from his (not edited since before the election) homepage:

A vote for Labour in Eastleigh could help David Cameron into government.

Indeed. And the Liberal Democrats really wouldn’t want that, would they? Would they? Oh.

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One comment on “How quickly things change in politics…
  1. Philip says:

    I think that both the Tory and Lib Dem leadership has been mature, reasonable, foresighted and forgiving in its decision to make the best of what they have got. Clearly there are going to be 'activists' whose politics has not moved on from the sixth form and they need to be ignored. Lib Dem activists need to embrace cooperation, as the only way that they can ever become a part of the government is through coalition. Clearly there is a view that anyone who votes Lib Dem, is at heart a Labourist. This is very very wrong. The Lib Dem strong-holds are in the rural and semi-rural communities of the south west. These are not hot-beds of socialism, they are areas that have a strong regional identity, and want to display that identity by being a bit politically different. Clearly in the metropolis there are many who pretend to be socialist, and flaunt their saintliness by voting Lib Dem rather than Labour ("I could never vote for Labour – not after Iraq, I was on the march you know"), but these people don't reflect the average lib Dem voter throughout the country. (In fact I have voted Lib Dem more often than Conservative – and I am a bigot)

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