The top ten creationist ‘arguments’: a recap

I enjoyed this, picked up from The Guardian today: a quick rebuttal from The Thinking Atheist to the top ten creationist ‘arguments’, encompassing: carbon dating, proving evolution, monkeys, the human eye, atheism = religion, scientists who believe, god and the USA, thermodynamics and Hitler.


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2 comments on “The top ten creationist ‘arguments’: a recap
  1. ph says:

    I am shocked that someone of your intellect could associate with such a trite succession of straw men. As I did not marry my sister, I do not live in a trailer park or come from Arkansas then I doubt this article has much to offer.

  2. Citizen Sane says:

    Eh? What? Who? When?There's no straw men here – these are the trite arguments that are wheeled out again and again by those who want to maintain their fairy tale explanations of the universe. And not just by slack-jawed hicks from Buttocks, Oklahoma either: people you'd think intelligent enough to know better.That said, I accept that this was a lazy thing to post.

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