In praise of… The iPad

Mrs Sane, already officially The Best Wife In The WorldTM, surpassed herself this year by getting me an iPad for Christmas. As an Apple acolyte I had long coveted one of these beauties but couldn’t justify the cost. Now, having had this dilemma taken away from me, I can just get on with using it in a guilt-free fashion. It is, I can confirm, a joy to look at, hold and use – as you would expect from an Apple product.

So here I am, on Christmas night, in a warm bed, after a really rather lovely day, fulfilling my daily blogging commitment using the BlogPress app for iPad. Nifty.

Off to the folks’s place tomorrow for more meat, beer, wine and shenanigans. I could get used to this.


Centrist. Atlanticist. Dry liberal. Anti-totalitarian. Post-ideological pragmatist. Child of The Enlightenment. Toucan.

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