A tired man makes a couple of observations about music

BBC 6 Music have published the results of their poll to find the top 100 songs released in the station’s lifetime (the station launched in March 2002). Strangely, for a station that champions music of a more ‘alternative’ and left field variety, the #1 spot went to ‘Clocks’ by Coldplay which suggests that, perhaps, the station’s target audience isn’t listening and the people who do listen want something else entirely. Radio 2, perhaps?

Not that there’s anything wrong with Radio 2. Nor is there anything wrong with the Coldplay song in question, per se. But it’s a strange winner, especially considering that it isn’t even the best song that the band themselves have released in this time, let alone the best song of the last eleven years. As for the rest of the 6 Music list, I was surprised to find that I am very familiar with 50 of the tracks in question, so perhaps I’m not quite as old and out-of-touch as I thought.

In other music news My Bloody Valentine surprised everyone by releasing a new album this morning, a full twenty two years since their last, the highly rated ‘Loveless’. Highly rated by everyone other than me, it seems. I’ve tried countless times to ‘get’ this album but have always come to the conclusion that it’s just somebody mumbling through a sock over the sound of somebody hoovering and somebody else chopping onions in a food processor. Lots of people are very excited about it but frankly I could conjure up new My Bloody Valentine music by developing tinnitus in both ears.

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