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In praise of… The iPad

Mrs Sane, already officially The Best Wife In The WorldTM, surpassed herself this year by getting me an iPad for Christmas. As an Apple acolyte I had long coveted one of these beauties but couldn’t justify the cost. Now, having

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I should be on commission

I am not, by any means, an expert on computers. I know enough to get by, certainly, and I’ve usually been able to fix whatever software or hardware problem I’ve encountered through a combination of persistence, searching with Google and

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"It just works"…. Mmm, I just wish I understood how

So I’ve bought a Mac. A 20″ Intel iMac to be precise. I’m not totally sure what made me decide to take the plunge. Maybe it was the adverts (although I really don’t think so). It certainly wasn’t this article

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Citizen Sane
Citizen Sane
  • Boris enters Number 10. Is that Downing Street or his new wife OK send tweet thanks. 11 minutes ago
  • If Boris Johnson is the answer then I can only assume that the question was “Right. Everything is shit. How can we make things even worse?” 11 hours ago
  • I’m in Norway keeping tabs on events from afar. I think, on reflection, I’m going to stay in the fjords. Good luck…… 15 hours ago
  • RT @StuartJRitchie: My conscience: Stuart, you have an enormous amount of work to do and I think it’s best if you- Me: [spends over an hou… 1 day ago
  • I’m in Stavanger, Norway. Can report that Al Gore has really small and strange shaped feet. 1 day ago

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