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An assault on freedom of expression

The chocolate Jesus exhibit has been cancelled following an orchestrated campaign by the Catholic League, who called the piece an “assault on Christianity”. The league, which boasts some 330,000 members, bombarded the hotel due to host the event with complaints,

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Sweet Jesus!

An art gallery in New York City has stirred up controversy with its latest exhibit: a naked Jesus made entirely of milk chocolate. Predictably, some Christian groups are outraged by this stunt – conveniently happening over the Easter period –

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Citizen Sane
Citizen Sane
  • Boris enters Number 10. Is that Downing Street or his new wife OK send tweet thanks. 25 minutes ago
  • If Boris Johnson is the answer then I can only assume that the question was “Right. Everything is shit. How can we make things even worse?” 11 hours ago
  • I’m in Norway keeping tabs on events from afar. I think, on reflection, I’m going to stay in the fjords. Good luck…… 15 hours ago
  • RT @StuartJRitchie: My conscience: Stuart, you have an enormous amount of work to do and I think it’s best if you- Me: [spends over an hou… 1 day ago
  • I’m in Stavanger, Norway. Can report that Al Gore has really small and strange shaped feet. 1 day ago

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