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That was the week that was

Yet another week flashes by. Oh, December 12th to December 18th! What news nuggets have you thrown up for me to digest? The futility of the death penalty. Over in California, big Arnie, still somehow governor of California (well, they

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Oh! The Turks!

Should Turkey be admitted to the EU? On balance, I would say yes. That is, to an EU based on a loose confederation of co-operating nations in a free trade environment. Not to a Leviathan EU super-state subject to the

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A week is a long time in blogging. . .

And two weeks is an eternity. So I thought it long overdue to churn out some thoughts on events of the last couple of weeks. In no particular order: George Galloway. Yes, he was entertaining at the Senate hearing, and

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Red Nose Day? I’ve Got A Better Idea

Tony Blair, speaking today at the Commission for Africa, has challenged world leaders to help end the suffering in that blighted continent. “There can be no excuse, no defence, no justification for the plight of millions of our fellow beings

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