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Holidays are over, now get back to work

And then, just like that, the holiday season came to an end. As always the rich potential of ten days off work ahead of you becomes a “What? Was that it? Where did the time go?” moment in what seems

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So, that was Christmas. And what did you do?

Well, Christmas has been and gone with its customary six month build up culminating in an orgy of commercialism and over-consumption. Not so much for me this year though, given that I was instead hideously ill all weekend and am

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Helluary Bites or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Sofa

Being back at work is awful. Just awful. I’d completely forgotten how boring it is, sitting at a desk all day dealing with things that really do not interest me a great deal. I could chew my desk with frustration.

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